About Us

Since 1998, CornerHouse has collaborated with the American Prosecutors Research Institute, and now with the National Child Protection Training Center in helping states implement five-day forensic interviewing courses utilizing the PATAC® forensic interviewing protocol developed by CornerHouse.

ChildFirst is the forensic interview training program of the National Child Protection Training Center currently in partnership with CornerHouse, a child abuse training facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s purpose since 2003, is to assist states in developing certified forensic interview training programs in cases of child abuse and to assist those participants and interviewers in defending their interviews and work product in court. This program is specifically designed for investigative teams of law enforcement officers, social workers, prosecutors, child protective attorneys, and mandated reporters of abuse who must provide investigating professionals with essential information. This program, ChildFirst, Brings the field into the classroom to enhance the education of front-line child abuse professionals.

This protocol has been specifically recognized and approved by many appellate courts throughout the country. The Pennsylvania Children and Youth Solicitors Association is working collaboratively with the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association to certify Pennsylvania as a ChildFirst state.

The five-day course is intensive and rigorous and includes homework assignments, a critiqued mock forensic interview for every participant and culminates in a written, proctored examination. Successful participants will receive a Certificate of completion.